TreeBuilder 1.2.2 beta
  Release Notes



Introducing TreeBuilder

TreeBuilder is an intelligent and easy-to-use Syntactic Tree editor focused on helping both beginning syntax students and professional syntacticians in creating trees.

TreeBuilder provides a robust combination of enhanced features, including: grammar specification, step-by-step assisted drawing, free drawing, transformational movement support, insertion support, X-bar support, printing of trees, saving of trees as JPEG images, and the ability to check trees against a grammar.

Together with its easy-to-use interface and tree formatting options, TreeBuilder will aid students in understanding the basics of syntactic theory while enabling professional syntacticians to quickly create syntactic trees for both teaching and publication purposes.

What makes TreeBuilder so special? There are other applications that do similar things but we have decided to focus on ease of use, reducing the time consuming tasks usually associated with drawing trees, while still providing the functionality we believe that most syntacticians require. Why not download a free trial version of TreeBuiilder today and see for yourself?


Copyright 2004 Laura Marik and David Dever. All rights reserved.